Stars and Stripes Heelers and Hounds

Ready for a furry companion? Come meet our crew! We are a ​hound and heeler breeder located in the Houston area with both heeler and hound puppies available for sale. Health, structure and temperament comes first and foremost when choosing a breeding pair. Ready to meet your new fur-ever friend?

About Us

We are a small home-based family-owned business extremely vested in the raising and breeding of high-quality black and tan coonhound and Australian heelers.

All of our dogs are raised in a loving home environment with the pups well socialized before leaving and fully vaccinated as well as a health guarantee.

Our Dogs


Our Blue Heelers are the best of the best. They make great companions and working dogs. The Blue Heeler, also know as the Australian Cattle Dog, is known to be great companion in the home or on the ranch because they are very loyal and highly intelligent.

Our Blue Heeler pups will be fully vaccinated according to age and dewormed prior to adoption. We do not dock tails or remove dewclaws so they can be kept true to how God created them and breed standards.

Some of our Blue Heeler puppies are born with a stumpy tail as the dad carries the stumpy tail gene. Other will have a longer tail. They come from working lines across the board are raised in a home environment to be properly socialized.


Our Hounds are Black and Tan Coonhounds bred for their proficient hunting skills and started on racoon before adoption. Black and Tans are known for their racoon hunting skills, but because of their keen scent abilities, also make great hunting companions for  hunting bear, deer, opossum and even mountain lion. They have a friendly, responsive, loyal and intelligent personality.

The fathers are four generation bred CKC AKC Black and Tan Coonhounds and the mothers are American English Black and Tan coonhounds (not papered but scent dogs as well). All pups are properly socialized and vaccinated according to their age and dewormed.